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Anlässlich des Sieges von Barack Obama über Hillary Clinton erinnert sich der US-Journalist Wes Hughes an die Rassendiskriminierung früherer Jahrzehnte und dabei auch an seine Begegnungen mit Wes Montgomery. Nice to read:

Some of my best memories of Indiana involve a black man: Wes Montgomery, perhaps the greatest jazz guitarist who ever lived.

It was 1958. I was a reporter on the Indianapolis Times and I loved jazz. It was before Wes was „discovered.“ He and his brothers, Monk and Buddy, were three-fifths of the Montgomery-Johnson Quintet. They played often at a joint called the Turf Club. We joked often about us having the same first name. Fans did a double-take when I said, „Hi Wes“ and he came back like an echo, „Hi Wes.“

Unfortunately, Wes suffered a heart attack and died at the height of his career in 1968. He was only 43. (Anm.: Wes war 45 als er starb)

His music is still played frequently on jazz stations. He was superb but he wouldn’t have been able to stay at a major hotel in his hometown in those days.

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