Verschollene Aufnahmen aus dem Jahr 1955 wiederentdeckt!

Montgomery Johnson Quintet
Montgomery Johnson Quintet

Hammernews: Resonance Records hat die verschollenen Aufnahmen gefunden, die Quincy Jones als Produzent mit Wes und dem Montgomery-Johnson-Quartet gemacht hat. Im April kommt eine 10-Inch-Vinylplatte, Im Sommer eine ganze CD.

This is a newly discovered lost recording session of Wes Montgomery & his brothers recorded at Columbia studios in 1955 for Epic Records. These are amongst the earliest known recordings of Wes Montgomery (& his brothers), plus Quincy Jones as a producer (who organized the session after knowing the brothers through his tenure in the Lionel Hampton Orchestra). These tracks are licensed from Sony Music Group to Resonance Records as part of a limited edition 10″ pressing to commemorate Record Store Day. We’ve re-created a look and feel of what the packaging would’ve looked like had the session been released back in 1955 (fully enact with vintage art, logos, and even a classic mid-1950’s Epic Records label). Liner notes feature highlights of an interview of Quincy Jones to Ashley Kahn given in 2013. These recordings will be featured on the forthcoming Resonance release „Wes Montgomery: In The Beginning“ out later this year on Resonance Records. (Limited edition world-wide first pressing of 2000 copies on 10″ vinyl).

Titel der LP: „Love For Sale“, „Leila“, „Undecided“, „Blues“, „Far Wes“

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